About Us

Meet Your Learning & Development Team

The Amborn Group is a learning and development firm dedicated to ensuring growing family-owned businesses convenient access to top-level Leadership and Organizational development experts. Experienced experts who understand both development and business, and who are equally committed to help you grow! If your business needs individualized support, let our expertise in leadership and talent development work for you!

Working with The Amborn Group provides strategic value to your organization. Whereas an in-house learning and development department requires heavy investment and ongoing overhead, The Amborn Group works as a partner in relationship with you, bringing you the expert business consultants you need, when you need them. Saving you time and money, our expert team is just a phone call away.

Established by Lori Amborn, The Amborn Group brings together a carefully vetted set of business consultants and specialists in leadership programs, instructional design, and professional and organizational development. Each expert has over 25 years of experience in their specialty. When you decide to collaborate with us, Lori - President and Managing Director - will meet with you and listen carefully to understand your business situation, staff, culture, and goals. Based on your needs, she will bring forward an expert with the resources that best fit you and your need. We'll then guide, design, and implement with you a customized, winning strategy for your business.

Committed to Your Success

The Amborn Group follows through and holds themselves accountable for results. Instead of simply making recommendations and moving on, The Amborn Group works with you in an ongoing trusted relationship. Our team works with you to ensure your customized strategy is implemented effectively and is carried out in ancillary cooperation with other learning initiatives. Key performance indicators (KPIs) will be monitored and any necessary adjustments will be made as needed. Know that The Amborn Group is invested in your success!

Looking for easy access to exceptional talent development and a partner you can trust? The Amborn Group can work with you. Contact us today!

Our mission is to provide your small, mid-sized, or family-owned business with breakthrough leader, talent, and organizational development that enables your people to grow and your business to thrive !

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What Sets Us Apart

The Amborn Group is committed to helping your business and its people achieve the results you're after. Your goals drive our collaborative, trusted relationship. Rather than recommending changes and moving on, our team works with you to ensure your customized strategy promotes productivity and complements other learning initiatives. KPIs can be monitored and any necessary adjustments will be made as needed. Know that The Amborn Group is invested in your success!

The Amborn Group knows the key to any healthy relationship is trust. Our core values of Relevance, Responsiveness, Relationship, and Trust are the groundwork necessary to achieve your success. Raised in a family-owned business herself, Lori knows firsthand the fortitude it takes to run a successful business, and she is committed to ensuring you and your business have access to the same great business consultants as larger corporations at an investment level that works for you.