How The Amborn Group Helps You Get to Great

The Amborn Group provides convenient Leadership and Organizational Development services for family-owned businesses. Together we efficiently increase productivity, attract top talent, and prepare your leadership for the future!

As your outsourced Learning and Development team, The Amborn Group conveniently fulfills the function of a learning and development team without the long-term investment and overhead. Our services will be designed and implemented specifically for your organization's culture and needs. When you partner with The Amborn Group, rest easy knowing that our people and talent experts are just a phone call away and that your learning and development dollars are being used efficiently.

Leadership Development services include:

Executive Coaching

Grow and lead your company to its best, most productive, and sustainable self with the help of our convenient one-on-one leadership coaching services. Regardless of the organization's size, your employees take cues from you on how to work, communicate, and act. Work with an expert leadership coach to recognize your own development needs and enhance your success. Choose from several convenient options including: Coach on Call, Coaching Sample Set, and Customized Packages.

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Identifying Emerging Leaders

Identifying and then developing future leaders for your company is essential - yet it's also one of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today. Our team will help you look inside your company for future leaders, design a process to develop them, and then assess and monitor that custom process to ensure it's effective and efficient.

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Transition Management

Change is inevitable, and it requires a steady hand and mindful action to manage effectively and efficiently. Although leadership makes the decisions, recognizing that these decisions can affect each individual employee is essential for maintaining company morale and retention rates. Work with Amborn Group experts to learn about and implement strategies to manage transitions at your company.

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Leadership Readiness Programs

An unprepared leader can cause more damage in the first two months than can be repaired in two years. Are your future leaders prepared to lead people? To uplift your employees and ensure that your company maintains the ability to collaborate, innovate, and grow? Leadership is a specific skillset that must be fostered. Our convenient Leadership Readiness programs generate some of the highest ROI for companies because prepared leaders avoid mistakes and improve productivity. Strategies include Leadership at Large, Emerging Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, and Executive level readiness.

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Strategic Alignment

Analyze the many facets of your organization and determine how to steer them all cohesively, efficiently, and truly to your company's bedrock principles. The Amborn Group's services in Strategic Alignment help your organization align its programs, processes, and structure with your vision, mission, and values. Your business will grow more confidently with an aligned framework guiding it!

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Coaching Skills

Enhance productivity and employee satisfaction with effective  and convenient coaching skill development for your managers and supervisors. Today's workforce greatly values coaching and mentorship, and demonstrating your company's commitment to employees with personal coaching will result in higher retention and more capable, confident employees. Our efficient coaching experts will work with your staff to help them grow to their potential!

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Continuous Performance Management

Replace the standard annual review process with one that feels more organic and useful to employees: Continuous Performance Management. Work with our talent development experts to develop a real-time review and feedback process for your business that's not only convenient, but effective. Have discussions and give productive feedback when the time is right, not just when the calendar is marked for it. Continuous Performance Management increases employee engagement, builds trust with management, and promotes genuine progress.

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Outsourced Learning and Development Manager

Build better leadership and talent development capabilities at your company with The Amborn Group's expertise. The Amborn Group works with C-level executives and Human Resource/Capital teams to develop customized, measurable, and effective talent and leadership development programs. Ensure your leadership remains strong and your business competitive with convenient development programs built specifically for your company. From one-on-one discussions to workshops and ongoing support, The Amborn Group helps you build better leaders and Get to Great!

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